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Smoke and Mirrors from Obama and the Swine Flu

May 2, 2009

So much for President Obama’s “tax credit for all” package. The way it was written, it is actually creating tax liabilities for the poor. And, more importantly, nothing is being done to let people know. At-risk taxpayers include a broad swath of the public: married couples in which both spouses work; workers with more than […]

Liberal Hate-mongering and Media "Pandemic" Hoaxes

May 1, 2009

It seems that the Huffington Post is pulling out more stops (…I doubt all of them are pulled, by the way…) in their hate speech and denigration of Conservatives. A recent article paints Republican Party as a dying tyrant, mad with syphilis, ironically like that very Stalin they would accuse their enemies of associating with. […]