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Rule By Popularity and Media Hype

April 30, 2009

What has the media focused on since Obama has come to office? Well, first of all, they seem obessessed with how it has affected racial issues. Does anyone really believe that 100 days is enough time for any change to really take effect on a national level? Let’s be serious. Local change can occur at […]

Policy, Medicine and Islam

March 27, 2009

After the report on medical information safety by the BBC, the NYT reports that many doctors question whether the cost of implementing digital records may not be worth it. Two articles, to be published on Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine, point to the formidable obstacles to achieving the policy goal of not […]

10/28 Morning Report

October 28, 2008

The Democrats are guilty of dishonest politics again. They are using misinformation to do it in Texas specifically. Let’s take the battle for Texas courts as an example. In a campaign called “Fair and Balanced Court”, the liberal s are saying the Republicans are out of line, and side with the rich and corporate interests. […]