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11/05 Morning Report

November 5, 2008

I do not often trump the Wednesday Hero post. Today, I thought it was appropriate, since we have a new Commander-in-Chief. I have been super busy lately finishing college. I have been following the election process. I am proud to say that my children have been doing the same, asking some great questions, and learning […]

10/23 Morning Report

October 23, 2008

The media seems to be really convinced that Governor Sarah Palin is not qualified to be Vice-President. It is a common theme when the elections are being discussed—by the media. It wasn’t an issue among people. Just the media. Well, I have a question for the media. If the Governor of Alaska is not qualified […]

10/17 Morning Report

October 17, 2008

I wish I gone with my the guts to say in yesterday’s post what I was thinking after the debate. As soon as I heard Joe the Plumber was outspoken against Obama and liberal policies and plans, I knew the media would be quick to find fault with him. I have to admit, I loved […]

10/16 Morning Report

October 16, 2008

My wife has been pretty much oblivious to politics the whole time I’ve known her…at least until this election, and the previous elections. I amazed at how fast she is picking up on things, though. We watched the final debate tonight. She was catching both of them in ridiculous statements. Which brings me to the […]

10/08 Morning Rant

October 8, 2008

Let’s see if I have all of this straight…or at least mostly. The Democrats blame 8 years of failed policy under Bush for the economic crisis in America. The Republicans blame failure of Democratic oversight groups—like the committees in Congress chaired by Democrats—for not doing anything to derail a crisis. And both Presidential candidates take […]

10/05 Morning Report

October 5, 2008

I haven’t done a “sermonette” in a long time. But, I was thinking on the way home from work about something, and thought I would share it. “Mercy triumphs over judgment.” James 2:13. (…the whole verse by the way reads, “because judgment without mercy will be shown to anyone who has not been merciful. Mercy […]

10/03 Morning Report

October 3, 2008

It could have been any country that started the financial crisis cascade, as an article at The Economist indicates. Unfortunately for America, it wasn’t another country. The crisis exists in America, and is affecting other countries as the waves of illiquidity spiral out. . The governments of several nations have already stepped in to bail […]

09/23 Morning Report

September 23, 2008

Our two Presidential candidates are out and about casting blame for the financial meltdown—and both proclaiming the bailout necessary. No surprise that Obama is blaming Republican policies. McCain blames human greed. I tend to agree with McCain. Let’s face it…all these companies that signed massive contracts with CEOs without requiring performance guarantees is insane. That […]

09/09 Morning Report

September 9, 2008

Well, Obama’s positions are pretty clear. If you’ve had doubts, or confusion on some points, you can go read Biil O’Reilly’s article in full. Here are a couple of excerpts… As far as philosophy goes, Obama is convinced that the federal government should be in control of income distribution and, to some extent, should regulate […]

9/04 Morning Report

September 4, 2008

I’ve been gone for a while. It’s been really busy around our home. We now have two teenagers here. We are buying a house. I’m still trying to make it through college. And…I made the mistake of taking up online gaming…oh boy! Anyway, I thought I would weigh in with a quick comment (someone else’s) […]