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Policy, Medicine and Islam

March 27, 2009

After the report on medical information safety by the BBC, the NYT reports that many doctors question whether the cost of implementing digital records may not be worth it. Two articles, to be published on Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine, point to the formidable obstacles to achieving the policy goal of not […]

The Middle East And Middle America

February 18, 2009

How can anyone believe that the Arab world really wants a peaceful settlement in the Middle East? The Turish Prime Minister walked out (stormed was the word used by the BBC) of meetings in Davos over the Gaza situation. Then, in a meeting in Instanbul, Sunni sheiks and scholars called for a new jihad. Mohammed […]

5/9 Morning Report

May 9, 2008

Imagine such a thing! Hezbollah getting upset because it doesn’t like government rules? Well, that’s what it amounts to, anyway. Unfortunately, with as much power, if not more so, as the government itself wields, Hezbollah can get away with a lot. And, with their usual rhetoric, they say it is all because the US and […]

11/24 Morning Report

November 24, 2007

Liberal rumblings are being heard in several countries. Australia’s Labor Party is claiming victory in the elections there. Conservatives are split. Prime Minister John Howard says Labor, dominated by trade unionists, would end the economic growth in Australia. That would be bad for Australians, as well as the global economy. But, what would a Labor […]

09/03 Morning Report

September 3, 2007

What really stinks is that, due to media bias, an announcement had to be made that the British withdrawal is not a defeat. Even stronger language was used at Reuters. Their headline reads ”British Forces Quit Basra”, and is equally off the mark with other media entries. Is the move symbolic? Absolutely. It says much […]