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“Lawfare” Keeps Israeli Officials Home

January 5, 2010

Using the usual tactics of fear and intimidation, Palestinians stop Israeli officials from travelling.  It matters not that the so-called government of the Palestinians is run by groups who are perpetrating violence against a sovereign nation and innocent civilians.  The fact that Palestinians have died makes Israel guilty of “evil.” When will the Palestinians hold […]

The Middle East And Middle America

February 18, 2009

How can anyone believe that the Arab world really wants a peaceful settlement in the Middle East? The Turish Prime Minister walked out (stormed was the word used by the BBC) of meetings in Davos over the Gaza situation. Then, in a meeting in Instanbul, Sunni sheiks and scholars called for a new jihad. Mohammed […]

11/27 Morning Report

November 27, 2007

Isn’t it encouraging that Iran has TWO long range missiles? Modeled after Chinese and North Korean devices, and some modified US weaponry, these rockets can reach targets up to 1250 miles away! Isn’t that exciting! (…oh, but don’t worry about those nuclear non-compliance issues…Iran has no military ambitions…besides the declared purpose of wiping Israel off […]

8/14 Morning Report

August 14, 2007

Of course, today’s MSM feeding frenzy is all about Karl Rove’s resignation. But, there are many more pressing problems that should have America’s attention, and western society in general. Did any one notice the rally in Jakarta calling for a single Islamic caliphate? According to this BBC report, over 100,000 gathered to support the idea. […]

01/29 Morning Report

January 29, 2007

The Iranians are planning to expand their role in Iraq. Well, I guess it was inevitable. They have long been supplying weapons to the insurgents and Shiites. No one should be surprised they want some economic and military ties within Iraq. The frightening comment was when the ambassador said: “We have experience of reconstruction after […]

12/13 Evening Thoughts

December 14, 2006

Jules mourns the loss of an AP newsman, killed while doing his job. It seems the insurgents only tolerate those who do what they want.(…can you say “Bilal Hussein”…) In my continuing cursory examination of Islam, I’ve always kind of known that churches have been turned into mosques many times. Petrus has a pretty good […]

Never-Changing Islam

December 8, 2006

UN will aid Hamas…to the tune of $450 million. Why? There are only two reasons mentioned. Simply put the sanctions against the terrorist organization—and the govenerment it formed—and restrictions by the Israeli government have economically devastated Gaza. How about that? Hamas continues to kill, destroy, and refuse to get along with its neighbors…and they get […]

What’s News

November 14, 2006

Here is a good description of what Republicans have to change. The biggest thing that killed the Republican party was the unwillingness to quickly address failures among its members. If that had been addressed, rather than denials and protracted escalating situations, I suspect even the problems of Iraq would not have been as damaging on […]

Rock Throwing Neighbors

November 4, 2006

Let’s imagine I’m having problems with a neighbor. The neighbor has relatives living in their house. These relatives used to own my house. They abandoned it—for whatever reason. I took over the house, fixed it up, and have established legal title to it. Now, these relatives keep going into the back yard to throw rocks […]