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Around the World…and Healthcare Non-Reform?

September 14, 2009

In world news, Germany faces energy decisions that are changing power lines (pun intended).  Due to be phased out by 2022 after the Greens passed legislation in 2000, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is trying to revamp and start construction again.  Despite the expense of building nuclear plants, they are cheap to run.  And, with […]

The UN, Iran and Russia

March 18, 2009

The U.S. demonized Ahmadinejad? That’s what the new U.N. U.N. General Assembly president says. I can see his point to a degree. Part of his argument is that the U.S. vilifies one leader while supporting the likes of Pinochet and Marcos. But, then the U.N. president stated that Ahmadinejad didn’t really deny the Holocaust. D’Escoto […]

5/9 Morning Report

May 9, 2008

Imagine such a thing! Hezbollah getting upset because it doesn’t like government rules? Well, that’s what it amounts to, anyway. Unfortunately, with as much power, if not more so, as the government itself wields, Hezbollah can get away with a lot. And, with their usual rhetoric, they say it is all because the US and […]

01/08 Morning Report

January 8, 2008

Iran is playing games in the Gulf, again. I realize that 5 armed speedboats are no match in open waters for 3 navy warships. But, the significance cannot be overlooked. Attention getting is one thing. Deliberately sparking an international incident is something altogether different. The commander of the Hopper, a guided-missile destroyer, was “very close […]

11/30 Morning Report…delayed

November 30, 2007

As expected, the new Australian PM has declared they will be out of Iraq by mid-2008. Kevin Rudd still calls the U.S. our ‘great friend and allay.” But, the liberal Pm has made his stance on Iraq clear : He has previously described the decision to go to war in Iraq as the “single greatest […]

11/27 Morning Report

November 27, 2007

Isn’t it encouraging that Iran has TWO long range missiles? Modeled after Chinese and North Korean devices, and some modified US weaponry, these rockets can reach targets up to 1250 miles away! Isn’t that exciting! (…oh, but don’t worry about those nuclear non-compliance issues…Iran has no military ambitions…besides the declared purpose of wiping Israel off […]

11/24 Morning Report

November 24, 2007

Liberal rumblings are being heard in several countries. Australia’s Labor Party is claiming victory in the elections there. Conservatives are split. Prime Minister John Howard says Labor, dominated by trade unionists, would end the economic growth in Australia. That would be bad for Australians, as well as the global economy. But, what would a Labor […]

11/1 Morning Report

November 1, 2007

Think the U.S. is the only country with immigration problems? Think again. British authorities have said for years that migrant workers benefit the economy. But, yeasterday’s news story on more recent information revealed: More than half of new jobs created under Labour since 1997 have gone to foreign workers, it has emerged. Among other things, […]

9/11 Morning Report

September 11, 2007

The big news, of course, is General Petraeus’s testimony to Congress.Simply put, the military is achieving it’s objectives via the surge, and that major or total withdrawals should wait until Spring 2008. While the GAO reports that 4 of 18 objectives are actually achieved, Petraeus clearly shows several other military objectives are well in progress. […]

8/9 Morning Report

August 10, 2007

Well, it’s been a busy week, so I’ll just highlight a couple of things from my RSS feeds and email box from the last couple of days… Yesterday, the BBC reported that Musharraf and Pakistani tribal elders will not attend a 3-day tribal council for peace taking place in Kabul. Up to 700 tribal elders, […]