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05/16 Morning Report

May 16, 2008

Isn’t it interesting that, in a time of Federal budget deficits, and cries from the Left to cut back on Corporate welfare, that Democrats are more infaovr of the latest farm sudsidy bill to come out of Congress? More than half the subsidies paid out from 2003 to 2005 went to 19 of the 435 […]

02/18 Morning Report

February 18, 2008

I’ve read enough science fiction that yesterday’s headline really made me smile…mostly because of the way it was worded: Hopes rise for finding alien Earths. The concept of an alien earth made me laugh. Meanwhile, closer to home, Hugo Chavez backed off of threats to halt exports to the US. Chavez had been claiming that […]

1/6 Morning Report

January 6, 2008

I’ve been hit by the flu, so I thought I would do something light today. My 12 year old sent this to me the other day. In this time of political bruhaha, I thought this was appropriate to share. Meet Gollum…I mean, Hillary…I mean…well, you decide.

12/14 Morning Report

December 14, 2007

Tired of TV reruns? Well, it’s going to get worse. The Writer’s Guild filed a complaint with the NLRB. Nothing new. Lots of groups do this to turn up negotiation pressure. Unfortunately, it will be up to 30 days before an investigator is assigned to the case. With the main issue being streamed or downloaded […]

Media Spin Defined….

November 20, 2007

OK…First of all, I know this is not true. Visit if you want the details. So, second, this is not aimed at passing on muck about Sir…I mean, Madaam… Hillary. She does just fine at generating this stuff on her own. I am posting this because…well…if this isn’t the perfect description of how politicians […]

11/1 Morning Report

November 1, 2007

Think the U.S. is the only country with immigration problems? Think again. British authorities have said for years that migrant workers benefit the economy. But, yeasterday’s news story on more recent information revealed: More than half of new jobs created under Labour since 1997 have gone to foreign workers, it has emerged. Among other things, […]

9/8 Morning Report

September 8, 2007

Spoiling Petraeus’s report yesterday that gains are being made, but they are in a fragile state, come the Osama video. The only surprise was unlike his 2004 video, this one lacks any threats. He made two statements, one of which has no bearing on reality. He called the killing of insurgents and terrorists who murder […]

8/9 Morning Report

August 10, 2007

Well, it’s been a busy week, so I’ll just highlight a couple of things from my RSS feeds and email box from the last couple of days… Yesterday, the BBC reported that Musharraf and Pakistani tribal elders will not attend a 3-day tribal council for peace taking place in Kabul. Up to 700 tribal elders, […]