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Where Were You…

September 11, 2007

Everyone is asking each other these days, “Where were you? Do you remember?” AS if we could ever forget…. I was driving into work. I remember it was the day of the week I usually spent the morning in quiet prayer. I wish I could say I was doing some super spiritual thing–praying protection for […]

12/29 Morning Report

December 29, 2006

Hello, again! Well, Christmas is over. I’ve played video games with the kids and visited friends and eaten I don’t want to think about how much food… In return, I’ve been saddled with a problem in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. I’m still trying to get it to work right…So, I am struggling along […]

A Three Step Plan For Conservatives

November 15, 2006

We conservatives and Republicans can whine and scream all we want about the election results. We brought it on ourselves. The Republican Party claimed an agenda and standing for morality. And, yet, when the problems arose, we denied and avoided the issues. Can we really expect people to believe in our claims when we make […]

About Dutch

November 13, 2006

Some years ago, I worked in a street shelter. Actually, I lived in one for about six months, before helping build another one and remaining on staff for a year. Anyway, I had the chance to meet some interesting people while I was there. One of them was Dutch. Dutch was former Navy. The big […]

There Is A Liberal Plan To Impeach Bush

November 12, 2006

***UPDATED*** In light of this news report of charges being filed against Donald Rumsfeld, I am re-posting this entry from two days ago. There was a great debunkinng of various lies about the administration and war policy–probably the best one written yet. Sadly, there is a very vindictive spirit at work in our nation. Unfortunately, […]

For Veterans Everywhere

November 12, 2006

As usual, I am a little behind the times. Hazards of working nights…I generally run about 12 hours behind. So, Veterans Day has actually come and gone. And, yet, I proudly stand and say, I served. I wanted to write something to those who have fought, whether surviving or not, for the causes of freedom. […]

News 11/10

November 11, 2006

Here is some truly inspiring news. Castle Argghhh shared this info on the coming award of the Medal of Honor to Corporal Jason Dunham. It’s the second MOH awarded during the war in Iraq. The first was awarded to SFC Paul Smith. Please remember the sacrifices of these warriors, and their familes, by giving generously […]

A Winner In The Valour-IT Challenge

November 11, 2006

Looks like Team Navy won the challenge! Congratulations to the first team to make it to $45,000! Here are last night’s numbers. The close of day numbers for 11/10 01:01 (1:01 AM) Central (Day Twelve): Team Air Force: $31,830.50Team Army: $36,572.42Team Marines: $44,648.85Team Navy: $45,895.00TOTAL: $158.945.77 (out of $180,000) Everyone made big jumps today. Great […]

Challenge To The Right Wing

November 10, 2006

I’ve got a challenge to offer to the Right Wing conservatives. Before I do, if you’re interested in some election thoughts from across the right, here are some links: Wild Bill spoke up over at Passionate America.Here’s a thought from ChickenhawkThis was over at Texas Fred’s.Another from El CapitanJohn from the Jarhead’s Firing Range gives […]

Vaour-IT Update

November 5, 2006

OK…once again, it’s time for the nightly recap for the Valour-IT contest (…yeah…it’s a little late…it’s been a busy night at work……the numbers are midnight numbers, though…I did manage that much…)…but…holy cow…LOOK AT THOSE JARHEADS GO! Here are the close of day numbers for 11/04 11:59 Central (Day Six): Team Air Force: $19,375.00Team Army: $20,177.00Team […]