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02/05 Morning Report

February 5, 2008

Did you know it isn’t enough to talk about overcoming racism? Now days, at schools, you also have to support the anti-family agenda of the left. You may know Ken Hutcherson’s name from his pro football days or, more recently, his pro-family activism in defense of traditional marriage. But Hutcherson’s daughter was introducing her father […]

11/27 Morning Report

November 27, 2007

Isn’t it encouraging that Iran has TWO long range missiles? Modeled after Chinese and North Korean devices, and some modified US weaponry, these rockets can reach targets up to 1250 miles away! Isn’t that exciting! (…oh, but don’t worry about those nuclear non-compliance issues…Iran has no military ambitions…besides the declared purpose of wiping Israel off […]

8/3 Morning Report

August 3, 2007

Libya is still big in the news. Bulgaria is waiving $57 million in debt! Well, sort of. They are putting the money into a fund for HIV victims in Libya—which means Kadfi gets the money twice! What a reward for falsely accusing and imprisoning people! Meanwhile, France and Libya are doing an arms deal! Isn’t […]

05/01 Morning Report

May 1, 2007

One bright spot in the legal arena came from SCOTUS yesterday. Police officers can end dangerous chases, while protecting human life, without fear of lawsuits. It would be nice if this would cut down on the number of frivolous lawsuits in America. I’m not holding my breath mind you. We live in a culture that […]