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Wednesday Hero: 3/5 Darkhorse

December 7, 2010

This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Cindy By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines “Darkhorse” and the heavy casualties they’ve taken since being deployed to Afghanistan in September. Almost 20 causalities in October and November. Below is a list of the 3/5 Darkhorse Marines that I was able to find. […]

9/11 Morning Report

September 11, 2009

Today is mostly a day of remembrance. When i first started this blog, I wrote something on 9-11. Those thoughts apply today, just as much as they did in 2006. So, before going on to current events, I ask you once again: Where Were you? There was a pretty good article by Robert Tracinski yesterday […]

History Repeats Itself In Afghanistan and Pakistan

May 10, 2009

Reports on Friday and Saturday indicated that the Taliban is using civilians as human shields. This article seems to imply that this is a surprise. I fail to understand why it should be. This has been a tactic of intimidation used by every terrorist guerilla warfare group, at least in recent history–Hamas, the Taliban, all […]

Afghanistan, and Liberal Europe

March 30, 2009

Did you know that many Taliban fighters are afraid to defect from cause? Much as Iraq has changed since former fighters began to fight for the country, it could also be true in Afghanistan. But, a stronger, more secure government is needed to pul it off. “Ninety-five percent of the Taliban want to reconcile with […]

Abandoned Partners

March 24, 2009

Sunday’s announcement that former insurgents were under Iraqi control was fantastic news. It defied all the gloomy predictions since the plan was announced. Of course, independent journalists, like Michael Yon have been telling the real story of these former al-Qaeda members for a long time. While only about 10-15% of those fighters will actually have […]

Obama and The Military…and debt

March 19, 2009

Obama has already begun to cut defense spending. The article, ostensibly about the proposed missile shield in Poland, went on to give some specific numbers. The most specific point is there will be no additional funding. Obama’s proposed budget only funds ongoing operations, with a supplement for Afghanistan and Iraq. The expanding military requirements, coupled […]

More of the Same…

March 14, 2009

Washington needs to be very cautious making deals with Afghan insurgents? Really? Do you think the Obama administration will listen? The International Crisis Group said previous deals had broken down within months and strengthened the militants. Instead, it said Afghans needed a stronger state and the rule of law. In its report, the Brussels-based ICG […]

Banks, Obama, Islam, and…What the…?

March 8, 2009

Think Sharia Law will not come to the states? Think again. University Bank now has an entire subsidiary devoted to financial products that comply with Muslim religious law, or Shariah. It has done nearly $80 million in Islamically approvable “mortgage-alternative” financing for residential and commercial real estate in 15 states. For the past decade, Dow […]

Indecisive Leadership

February 11, 2009

Should we be surprised at the “Stimulus Package” announcement? Not really. Geitner’s announcement was so full of vague there was no substance to it at all. It was almost as if the administration was trying to see what would public opinion might be, rather than making a statement of policy. Of course, this is nothing […]

12/11 Morning Report

December 11, 2007

Hugo Chavez is making a lot of moves these days, despite having lost his referendum push at home. The Banco del Sur is slated to take the place of the IMF, which Chavez describes as a “tool of Washington.” Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela have all joined the initiative. Chile and Peru […]