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Media And White House Smokescreens

There were a couple of news articles in last few days that particularly caught my eye. One article announced that Retail sales are at 2005 levels. That’s encouraging, as the media and government trumpet economic recovery. To be fair, it is an increase. But, no one is seeing the sales increases they’ve been expecting. There is, apparently, still a good deal of economic uncertainty. Unfortunately, the media won’t tell it to you that way.

Speaking of media reporting things in a skewed fashion—favorable to Democrats and the White House, I would add, there was the free money give away in Detroit. The article laments the lack of jobs and how this stimulus money would help the homeless. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t point out that this “stimulus” was supposed to help the unemployed and homeless without providing jobs, which is what cause the rise in homelessness and joblessness in the first place.

Meanwhile, along the same lines, the Obama Administration is using a new tactic in dealing with media critics. The new tactic is basically nothing more than ”Shout the Down”. Another way to put it would be intimidation to cause silence. So much for being open and upfront with the other side of the political aisle. You know, the ones he said he would maintain open dialogue with?

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