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Global Warming Alarmists, Unemployment, and History Repeats

In the latest salvo by global warming alarmists, it is being claimed that the economic downturn is an opportunity to build a low carbon future.  China and others are angry that western nations are trying to keep the emission targets from being legally binding.  But, those same nations come uder no real threat from the plans, which has frustrated industrialized nations such as the US.

Developed countries, which it defines as those in the OECD and/or EU, will have to slash energy-related emissions by 17% in the next 11 years and by 50% by 2030.

Other major emitters such as China, India and Brazil would have to keep the rise in their emissions to 14% above current levels by 2030.

Countries in earlier stages of development would be able to increase their greenhouse gas output.

Now, I understand the idea is top make it economically feasible for developing countries to develop, without stifling them through the high costs of limiting carbon emmissions.  But, the idea is flawed.  At what point do those nations suddenly become accountable for these standards?  And, what will the cost be at that point to convert their industries?  Certainly it won’t be cheaper than it is to set them up now.  Or should we consider that China and Idia are now the greatest carbon polluters on the planet?  Yet, we will make the industrialized nations pay for all of their growth.  At what cost to them?  No noe seems to care.  This type of couble standard is why many opponents scoff at such plans.

Meanwhile, the Obama adminstration and the press keep telling us things are getting better.  And, many Americans believe them.  But, at the same time, there are other stories that are slowly planting the seeds things are not so good.  Time Magazine had an article on unemployment last month.  The title ON THE COVER says it all:  Why Double Digit UnemploymentMay Be Here To Stay.  America has been conditioned to trust the media, who only reports certain things by the way, and reports them in certain ways.  It’s kind of like the Townhall meetings on Healthcare Reform–every question was prescripted.  If you are wondering how it is done, how people are being convinced out their firm beliefs of ethics, religion, or whatever, you should go read the 2006 book Influencer:  the Power to Change Anything.  It’s very informative and eye opening.

You should also learn to pay attention to legislative history in new ways.  In case you missed it a couple weeks ago, there was an indication of things to come in the news.  It seems French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants to tax bank financial transactions.  Now, the goal is to limit risky behavior.  And, other EU officials say there is “less than minimal” chances of it happening.  But, when it comes to government, if it gets proposed sooner or later something like it goes into law.  After all, this particular tax was first proposed in the US during the 1970s.


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