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The Real Man-Made God!

I had a really interesting…and frightening…thought today.  But, have you ever considered how government is becoming like a god?

Let’s think about this for a minute.  When things went wrong, people used to cry out to their deity of choice for relief.  Who do we cry out to now?  The government!  Most religions have some clause where you give some percentage of your income to them to placate the anger of your particular deity.  So what do we have now?  The IRS! Most religions go to great lengths to keep you from finding out about other religions.  So, what do we have?  Separation church and state…where you can’t discuss other things or have government funding if whatever you does so!  And, let’s not forget that every religion has all kinds of rules for proper behavior to keep your deity happy…or at least less mad at you.  Dare we even discuss the size and complexity of legal code coming out of Washington (or whatever other world capital) these days?  We can even carry out the Biblical analogy and say we have our own Pharisees and Saducees (feuding sects, a.k.a. Republicans and Democrats).  This religion even has it’s own mouthpiece to declare it’s worthiness and greatness!  Enter Mainstream media (MSM).  And, finally, like all relgions, it wants to be incontrol of everything.  So…we get nationalization of business and industry!

 I tell you, it’s a religious monopoly!  Government is forcing us all into religious service!  It shuts down or marginalizes other religious views, defines proper behavior and activity, and demands out obeisance by threatening to not meet our needs.  If that isn’t a man-made god, I don’t know what is.

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