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Liberal Hate-mongering and Media "Pandemic" Hoaxes

It seems that the Huffington Post is pulling out more stops (…I doubt all of them are pulled, by the way…) in their hate speech and denigration of Conservatives. A recent article paints Republican Party as a dying tyrant, mad with syphilis, ironically like that very Stalin they would accuse their enemies of associating with. Isn’t it interesting that using similar hate filled speech against Homosexuals, Immigrants, and a host of others would generate an outcry. But, not against those of opposing opinions…unless of course, you hold liberal opinions and a conservative disagrees with you. And, Liberals have the nerve to claim they are “open minded” and “fair” and..well…you get the idea.

Meanwhile, did you know the Democrats have openly said they are out to do in the insurance companies? You can watch the video for yourself…

Of course, it was pretty much given that this would happen as soon as the new agency was created to handle all that money. I doubt anyone is surprised by the announcement. We’ll see if liberals have overstepped their hand on that or not.

But, the big media circus, hiding all of this other “trivial stuff”, is the Swine Flu. Let’s put a few facts on the table before we go to far into that discussion. Did you know that some 13,000 people a year die of the flu in the United States under normal conditions? Did you know that according to the WHO:

30 April 2009 — The situation continues to evolve rapidly. As of 17:00 GMT, 30 April 2009, 11 countries have officially reported 257 cases of influenza A (H1N1) infection.

The following countries have reported laboratory confirmed cases with no deaths – Austria (1), Canada (19), Germany (3), Israel (2), Netherlands (1), New Zealand (3), Spain (13), Switzerland (1) and the United Kingdom (8).

What a stunning world health threat! 257 total cases WORLDWIDE!!! It should also be noted, in light of this “sweeping pandemic” the media is foisting on us, that the World Health Organization is not even advising any travel restrictions. Pretty devastating stuff, don’t you think? Before you give in to the media hype, check your facts, then take action. At the very least, take time to present the facts to your local media outlets and officials.


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