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The Banking Crisis, Anger and Islam

There has been a lot of media hype lately about the financial crisis. And, of course, the crisis has EVERYONE’S attention. But, what isn’t covered, or dealt with openly is the seething anger below the surface. This was best revealed on the Tonight show when President Obama was a guest.

Jay Leno described the immense dollar amounts of executive bonuses, and said

“I know what would make me feel better — shouldn’t somebody go to jail?”

At this the audience clapped and cheered loudly. In turn the President indicated that he understands the sentiment, but gave this reply:

“Here’s the dirty little secret — most of the stuff that got us into trouble was perfectly legal.

Actually, it’s not that dirty of a secret. But, it is true. It was all legal. One thing the media and government has not focused on is that most of it went on with Democrats in charge of financial oversight through the US Congress, but who said and did nothing about it. Their inaction caused a lot of this trouble. And the trouble has, in turn, generated is a lot of anger. As the audience of the Tonight show demonstrated, we are pointing fingers and demanding vengeance. And, what is being done to deal with the anger? NOTHING! ZIP! NADA!

Would you like to know why Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world? At it’s fundamental levels, it justifies anger. Most religions do the same thing, but some are more codified about it than others. You have to earn forgiveness, favor from heaven, etc. Any structured institution built by men does this.

So, why is it that we expect government to be able to solve the problem? Due to the control factors, government obviously has a vested interest in not seeing this change. People need to pay more attention to how and why government, or any other institution, gains more control over situations. And, what government does not do to solve issues…like go after the ones who did not solve the financial problems in the first place (aka Barney Frank and company).

Only one thing is required break the growth of the anger in America. It is changed hearts. So, pray for America to have a changed heart, and for people to go out living lives from changed hearts. Otherwise, the anger is only making room for more judgment and anger, which can only be justified by a religion built on it–Islam.

(…i bet you never thought there was a real connection…did you?…)

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