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Change We Can Believe In…NOT!

So much for change “Change We Can Believe In” in Washington. Democrats fight to keep earmarks. I seem to recall some campaign promises by a bunch of Democrats, including the President, to end the earmark process.

Senate Democrats on Wednesday preserved pet projects sought by a lobbying firm under federal investigation and tried to nail down support for big domestic spending increases in hopes of passing a wrap-up budget bill by week’s end. Democrats defeated, by a 52-43 vote, an amendment to strip 13 projects that the PMA Group has pressed for. The firm, now disbanded, is accused of illegally using straw donors to funnel campaign cash to lawmakers.

How stunning! Lobbyists under investigation? Illegal donations? And, wonder of wonders, no media outcry! The Liberal masses who would not sit still for this from Bush are absolutely silent on this.

But…wait…it gets better! How about the pullout of US troops from Iraq! out of the battlefield by August 2010, perhaps completely gone by 2011. Pardon me, but those dates sound almost exactly like those proposed by former President Bush! And, what does the media do? They praise Obama for getting the US out of Iraq. Using this as a guideline, Bush was already doing that—and he got crucified for it. But, not the Liberal media’s little darling of a President.

There’s actually a pretty good rant on the subject (much better than mine). You can find it here.

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