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01/22 Morning Report

What happened to religious freedom in America? It seems to be a right for some, but not others. I’llyou’re you think I’m about to bash christian groups. I’m not. It appears that Athiests, Wiccans and Agnostics have more rights and priviledges than Christians in the military. If that’s true of the military, and it is usually the last of social institutions to reflect such changes, what does that say about the rest of America?

Then again, pro-abortioists outright lie and no one seems to care–even when they admit it. Check out the link for the video.

(…let’s see that in mainstream media…)

But, that would be the quivalent of the media suddenly denouncing Hugo Chavez. In his latest move, Chavez is threatening to seize farms. Chavez says he is doing it to alleviate food shortages. Low food prices let even the poorest get food to eat. But, Chavez’s price controls are apparently bankrupting farmers, who are selling their produce to other countries for the money.

In the show, called “Hello President”, he said this would happen no matter who the owner was.

He went on: “If the army must be brought in, you bring in the army.

“A government cannot allow itself to be slapped and do nothing.”

He also announced plans to nationalize the banks that did not give low interest loans to farmers.

(…am I missing something…farmers are going to lose their farms for trying to pay their bills…and his solution is to put farmers farther in debt…what a great plan!…)

On the subject of high costs, do think you pay a lot for gasoline? In Israel, it is selling for over $6 per gallon. One solution to that cost is electric cars! This one, built by a partnership between an entrepreneur, Rennault, and Nissan, will run on lithium-ion batteries, going about 124 miles per charge.

(…going green just took another BIG step…)


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