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01/08 Morning Report

Iran is playing games in the Gulf, again. I realize that 5 armed speedboats are no match in open waters for 3 navy warships. But, the significance cannot be overlooked. Attention getting is one thing. Deliberately sparking an international incident is something altogether different.

The commander of the Hopper, a guided-missile destroyer, was “very close to giving the order to fire,” said one of the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak for attribution. “We were perilously close to an incident where we would have taken out at least one of the Iranian small boats.”

The were apparently manned or commanded by Revolutionary Guard troops. And, yet, it seems that media darling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is still above reproach in the MSM.

Another media darling, CAIR, has issued a “media guide”. Many conservative groups seem to think it is little more than a propaganda leaflet full of disinformation. There is even some question as to whether they are picking and choosing who will receive one.

“Now the interesting thing about that was I asked for a copy of that,” the journalist continues. “I sent CAIR an e-mail asking for a copy of it, and they haven’t even answered my e-mail. I don’t think they want anybody to see it who might actually scrutinize it.”

Whether the no-response is deliberate or not is open for discussion. But, it does raise interesting questions.

Meanwhile, on to the environment. Presenting: THE $2500 CAR!

“The downside is a car that would most likely fail emission and safety standards on any Western road, and, perhaps, in India in a few years, when the country imposes tougher environmental standards.”

So why bother? Is the UN/Kyoto group willing to allow this, in the name of economic growth? If economic growth is the goal, then why force industrialized nations to stagnate their growth by meeting standards no one else is accountable to?

Blu-Ray! Blu Ray! that’s right. Warner Brothers announced their support of the formatting system, possibly tipping things to that format.

“The battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray has echoes of the rivalry between Betamax and VHS in the 1980s.

The cheaper format, VHS, prevailed while 20 years on it seems as though Blu-ray, the more expensive system, is winning the race. “

So much for market economy rules of price and supply. Better get ready to have to buy more than new TVs.

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