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01/01 Hockey News

Happy New Year, everyone. And, as much as I like poking fun at the media, this year I have ignored my real passion…Ice Hockey!

For me, yesterday’s highlight was the NHL Classic. It’s been years since I have seen an outdoor game. I loved it. For me the best part was seeing all the finesse players struggle through the puck through the snow! Over 70,000 fans showed up to watch! It even ended with a great shoot out! How cool is that?

Actually…most of the time…I’m not a real fan of shootouts. I think they artificially change the standings. They can put teams in the playoffs that don’t really belong there…like the Dallas Stars last season, where 20 games went to OT and 12 of those were decided by a shoot out. You can’t make it in the playoffs if you can’t finish a game in real play, as Dallas proved against the Vancouver Canucks who had 24 games go to OT, but only 9 end in shoot outs.

(…I did notice that the NHL Stats Machine doesn’t track shootout games…if you know someplace that does, let me know…)

A lot of folks, my self included, would like to see the outdoor game become a regular event. But, not Scott Burnside at ESPN. I have to admit, I agree with his comment these events should not be entered into lightly. And, I don’t think there should be a lot of outdoor games. That is an invitation to injuries that could cripple the sport. On the other hand, I think the challenge players face from outdoor conditions would increase the interest in the sport. A good thing since the NHL is still trying to recover fan appeal after the lockout.

Meanwhile, the NHL announced the three stars of the week. More surprising, though, was the announcement the Darren McCarty wants to make a comeback—in the IHL. Not many who weren’t picked up after the lockout have returned to the game. Maybe McCarty will be successful.


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