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12/14 Morning Report

Tired of TV reruns? Well, it’s going to get worse. The Writer’s Guild filed a complaint with the NLRB. Nothing new. Lots of groups do this to turn up negotiation pressure. Unfortunately, it will be up to 30 days before an investigator is assigned to the case. With the main issue being streamed or downloaded content, this could take a while. And, to make matters worse, the contracts for directors and actors expire in June.

(…wow…a total shut down of Hollywood!…why does that seem like a good thing?…)

In related news, Democrats lamblasted Bush again. This time, it’s over the appeearance of a hostile Labor Board.

The NLRB “is supposed to protect the voice of American workers, but the board is no longer fulfilling that responsibility,” said Sen. Edward Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat and ally of the labor movement.

California Democratic Rep. George Miller said, “Workers’ rights have been under near-constant assault in the years since the start of the Bush administration.”

Republicans countered the hearing was a PR stunt to appease labor unions, who more or less won Dems control of Congress. The NLRB was created to reduce strikes, and foster collective bargaining. Apparently, Democrats think the role is to give unions power over business.

(…my question is when do the rights of business get equal treatment with those of workers?…stay tuned…this is going to get ugly as the election draws closer…)

Meanwhile, in Argentina, possible illegal campaign financing has been labeled as a ”dirty trick by the U.S. President Fernandez even went so far as to say it’s happening because of her gender.

The charges of a clandestine attempt to contribute nearly $800,000 in August put both the Argentine and Venezuelan governments on the defensive as opponents sought to turn the case into a political liability.


It’s not against Argentine law for foreigners to contribute to a presidential campaign, but it is illegal to do so secretly. It also is illegal to bring undeclared cash into the country.

It doesn’t seem to matter that no one involved is addressing the issues or the charges. The money may have come from Hugo Chavez, it may not. There are players involved from both Venezuela and Argentina. Yet, in typical leftist fashion, the whole thing is being covered with enough mud that no one has had to address the issues.

(…yep…the media seems to be rightly comparing her to Hillary…)


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