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11/27 Morning Report

Isn’t it encouraging that Iran has TWO long range missiles? Modeled after Chinese and North Korean devices, and some modified US weaponry, these rockets can reach targets up to 1250 miles away! Isn’t that exciting!

(…oh, but don’t worry about those nuclear non-compliance issues…Iran has no military ambitions…besides the declared purpose of wiping Israel off the map…)

The White House announced a deal with Iraq to define long term relations issues. That is somewhat god news. Among the issues in the agreement is the legal status of American troops in Iraq, and how local law applies to them. Given recent incidents, such as the Blackwater shootings, having those issues defined is critical. The agreement pledges to extend the UN mandate “one final year.” Politically, this is tough for Maliki since it magnifies belief among some Iraqis that they do not govern their own nation. Still, many Iraqis don’t want American forces to leave, yet. In the agreement, the US pledges continued support to Iraq militarily and economically. The signal of the agreement, though, is that Iraq is stronger, and able to take on more serious matters. And, that is a huge step forward.

(…wonder what kind of hay the lefties will make out of this…I have to admit, even the NY Times wasn’t overly negative about this one…surprise, surprise, surprise…does leave me wondering what else is in it…anyone want to fill in the blanks?…)

Meanwhile, riots have returned to France. Once again, the accidental death of two youths has sparked rioting against police.

Police sources have said that in Sunday’s incident, the motorcycle was going at top speed and was not registered for street use, while the two teenagers were not wearing helmets and had been ignoring traffic rules.

The police car was on a routine patrol and the teenagers were not being chased by police at the time, the officials added. But local youths have said the police car’s stoved-in bonnet suggests it rammed the teenagers.

A state prosecutor has ordered an investigation. But, after two days of rioting, it appears that police are being specifically ttargeted. And, there is reason to believe outside agitators may even be involved.
(…it couldn’t be the motorcyclist’s fault…no, of course not…after all the police are involved…should we call this a French consipiracy theory?…)


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