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11/6 Morning Report

Rugrats and Power Rangers may really be bad TV for children. A recent study showed possible links between violent content and attention lapses. It links these problems to children as much under 3 who watch this type of content. And, the problems can show up as much as 5 years later.

(…and ADD is a biological disease?…right?…what do you want to bet no link is substantiated…)

In related news, Oregon voters will decide on a state funded child healthcare expansion.

“If Oregon votes in the affirmative for this, it will be a shot in the arm,” said U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Portland. “It will be harder for some people to ignore what the public sentiment is. Maybe they can ignore the polls, but this would be a signal victory.”

As a liberal state, Oregon’s vote could add pressure for a national program, despite recent Presidential vetoes. The proposal would be funded by an increased cigarette tax, which has prompted a $12 million campaign against the tax by Phillip Morris. I am left wondering, on the other hand, what happens when everyone quits smoking? How do you fund these things then? Where will the money come from? Isn’t it interesting that you never hear about those things?

(…I can see an eventual budget shortfall…can you?…)

Meanwhile, more ministries are coming under government scrutiny. A Senate panel is demanding records be delivered within one month. At issue is whether ministry leaders use their tax-exempt status to live lavish lifestyles. I would counter with the question: who said they should live in poverty? Executives of major corporations as big as some ministries get larger salaries. Why shouldn’t these men and women? My second question is why is the Senate doing this? Admittedly there are tax implications. But…seriously…the Senate? The IRS has their own courts for issues such as these.

(…I think the government may be making a move to get more money from the church…which is really kind of dumb…if you give to a church for the tax deduction, I wonder if you are even giving it to God in the first place…)

And, finally, the National ID plan has hit a bunch of snags. Resitsance is ciming from several quarters, now.

One reason is the price tag, estimated at $14.6 billion. Congress has so far appropriated only $40 million and twice this summer voted against additional funding.

This is on top of conservative resistance because of invasion of privacy concerns. And (…are you sitting down?…) event the ACLU has come out against the program, claiming is too watered down to accomplish anything.

(…yeah, I know…they would still go for it…but take the support where you can find it…eh?…)

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