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Archive for September 2007

Pro Choice And Verizon

September 27, 2007

Verizon has reversed it’s stand on Pro-Abortion text messaging. At issue was whether it should allow NARAL to use a text messaging program via Verizon systems. It would have been a sign-up program. Verizon originally said no. And, though the article doesn’t say it, they were probably the victim of a lot of pressure. But, […]

Personal Note

September 26, 2007

For those who are once again wondering about the scarcity of posts, I have a pinched nerve in my left arm. I will be having surgery to correct it in about ten days. Until then, aside from work, i will be doing as little typing as possible. Thanks for your continued reading. And, of course, […]

Wednesday Hero

September 26, 2007

Lance Cpl. Cory JamiesonPunxsutawney, PennsylvaniaPersonal Security Detachment, Headquarters and Support Company, Task Force 1st Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, attached to Regimental Combat Team 2 Hippocrates once said, “Art is long, life is short”. Cpl. Jeremy David Allbaugh lived a short life. But, he was immortalized recently in acrylics by a Lance Cpl. Jamieson who painted […]

9/19 Wednesday Hero

September 19, 2007

1st Lt. Forrest P. Ewens26 years old from Tonasket, Washington1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry)June 16, 2006 The love of Megan Ewens’s life arrived at Arlington National Cemetery on July 7, 2006. His ashes inside a small wooden box, the box inside a coffin, the coffin draped […]

9/14 Morning Report

September 14, 2007

Why is everyone so surprised that Bush stated the war in Iraq will stretch beyond his administration? When it all started, he said it would be years before this was completed. Admittedly, he thought it would be around the end of his administration at the time. I seem to recall hearing others who thought it […]

9/12 Wednesday Heroes

September 12, 2007

Staff Sgt. Richard P. Ramey27 years old from Canton, Ohio703rd Ordinance Compan, supporting the 82nd Airborne DivisionFebruary 8, 2004 Richard Ramey always knew what he was going to be. Once, while in the third grade, his teacher asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up. His response? “I’ll go to war and […]

Where Were You…

September 11, 2007

Everyone is asking each other these days, “Where were you? Do you remember?” AS if we could ever forget…. I was driving into work. I remember it was the day of the week I usually spent the morning in quiet prayer. I wish I could say I was doing some super spiritual thing–praying protection for […]

9/11 Morning Report

September 11, 2007

The big news, of course, is General Petraeus’s testimony to Congress.Simply put, the military is achieving it’s objectives via the surge, and that major or total withdrawals should wait until Spring 2008. While the GAO reports that 4 of 18 objectives are actually achieved, Petraeus clearly shows several other military objectives are well in progress. […]

9/8 Morning Report

September 8, 2007

Spoiling Petraeus’s report yesterday that gains are being made, but they are in a fragile state, come the Osama video. The only surprise was unlike his 2004 video, this one lacks any threats. He made two statements, one of which has no bearing on reality. He called the killing of insurgents and terrorists who murder […]

9/5 Wednesday Hero

September 5, 2007

Sgt. Willard T. Partridge35 years old from Ferriday, Louisiana170th Military Police Company, 504th Military Police Battalion, 42nd Military Police BrigadeAugust 20, 2005 Sgt. Partridge was killed by an IED that exploded near his vehicle in Baghdad, Iraq. There isn’t that much information about Sgt. Partridge so I though I would share some of the memories […]