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One Year of Wednesday Heroes

August 31, 2007

(…thanks to Kathi for this wonderful work…) The Blogroll goes on. There will be more Heroes, fallen and still standing, at home and overseas. Remember them. They are an important reminder of who we really are.

Make No Mistake

August 30, 2007

Make no mistake. The Liberal left is making sure it’s voice is heard, and it’s efforts to control America’s destiny are very organized. A recent Media Research Center details how the MSM gives almost twice as much coverage to Liberal candidates as conservative ones. Of course the MSM still denies there is any bias report. […]

Wednesday Hero

August 29, 2007

This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Randy Thorsvig Ken Leonard (On The Right)From High Point, North Carolina Every once in a while you run across one of those “feel good stories”. Those stories that show us just what a person can do when they really want it bad enough. And Ken Leonard has one of […]

8/28 Morning Report

August 28, 2007

It was a very slow night at work and for the first time in a while, i was able to do some reading. So, in a recently rare event, I am posting some random thoughts from Blogdom. Enjoy! Are they really spontaneous anti-war rallies? Take American Thinker’s quiz and see if you know the real […]

8/27 Morning Report

August 27, 2007

For those who think you now what Congress or the President can and can’t do about wars, funding, deployments, and the like, you should read this article at the Christian Science Monitor. I’ll be honest, I haven’t researched this one out. So, if you know something different, please post a comment and share your source […]

8/24 Morning Report

August 24, 2007

It must be due to the weekend arriving. This was a day for strange news. So, I’ll share what I found. You can go find more for yourself, I’m sure. I generally don’t get deeply involved in the immigration issue. My stance is, simply, if you are here illegally you have broken the law and […]

8/22 Morning Report

August 22, 2007

There is a lot of media hype about former CIA chief George Tenant’s failures allowing al-Qaeda to accomplish their 9-11 plot. Quoting from the BBC article, But former CIA analyst Ray McGovern told the BBC the inspector general’s criticism was justified. “… [George Tenet] was too busy schmoozing with foreign leaders and getting sort of […]

8/22 Wednesday Hero

August 22, 2007

This Weeks Post Was Suggested By Kasee Click Image For Full Size SSgt. John T. Self29 years old from Pontotoc, Mississippi314th Security Forces SquadronMay 14, 2007 A kindhearted patriot. That’s how SSgt. John Self was described by those who knew him. “John was a good boy, a good boy who loved his country and who […]

Two Test Tickles

August 18, 2007

(…it’s the weekend…so i’m sharing another one from my email box…enjoy…) There is a factory in Northern Minnesota that makes the “Tickle Me Elmo” toys The toy laughs when you tickle it under the arms. Well, Lena, a slow but very dependable lady is hired at the “Tickle Me Elmo” factory and she reports for […]

8/17 Morning Report

August 17, 2007

The digging continues after the massive earthquake hit Peru yesterday. Media reports of 500 dead after the 8.0 quake are expected to go higher. The Red Cross said it would send planes with tents, blankets and other aid from Panama. With a major highway ruined, Peruvian rescuers airlifted victims by helicopter and aircraft to hospitals […]