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04/19 Morning Report

People have been complaining about “cheap Chinese goods” for years. Well, this BBC article is just more fuel on the fire. The huge rise is hazardous goods in the EU comes primarily from China. Isn’t that sweet? Want to read the dumb part of it all?

Ms Heemskerk said that the high proportion of Chinese goods among those withdrawn said more about the volume of imports from China, than Chinese safety standards.

So…these are hazardous items. But they are only hazardous because there are so many of them?
(…and they wonder why liberals are so frightening to conservatives…)

And, in related (…sort of…) news, the markets took another tumble today because of fears on the Chinese economy.
(…Imagine!…Cheap goods…produced in massive quantities…causing to rapid an economic growth…that affects everyone…who would have thunk it?…)

In a continuation of yesterdays partial birth abortion discussion, the writers over at Conservative Thoughts had some more quotes from the political candidates.
(…not that there are any surprises in who said what…but they are worth reading…)

On the subject of political knee-jerk reactions, be very ready for an avalanche of such proposals in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings. For those who wonder why nothing was done, you should read these musings from the Political Pistachio. Now, I admit he is on a rant here. But, check out the facts he posts, and consider what real solutions may be needed here—like teaching people responsibility for their actions.
(…kindly remember…in the commission of the shootings at Columbine High School some 30 existing state and federal gun laws were broken…plainly new laws are not what is required…)

On the subject of Virginia Tech, I cannot say how sorry I am that so many families are suffering due to their losses of friends and family right now. The prayers of my house and family go out to all right now. I know it isn’t much in the midst of this horrible situation, but one spark of good news came in this AP report:

University officials announced Thursday that Cho’s victims would be awarded their degrees posthumously and that other students might have the option of ending their semester immediately.


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