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The New Weapons Programs

In an effort to trim costs, the Democrat controlled Congress is proposing some new, top secret weapons systems. Pictures of these highly classified programs have been leaked to the public, by an anonymous source, and are revealed here.

The New Hummer!

The New Ground Support Gun Pod (Model A)

The New Ground Support Gun Pod (Model B)

(…even at this late date, these competing designs are still under review, and a leading candidate has not yet been identified…my sources indicate the principle point of disagreement seems to be that Model A sports a higher rate of fire, while Model B sports a higher caliber weapon…)

The Latest In Smart Weaponry

(…while the developer is still trying to solve the obvious propulsion problems, my sources indicate that this idea already has the go ahead for production…)

The New Coastal Patrol Boats

(…I’m led to believe that John Kerry is really proud of this idea…my sources indicate this was developed based on his recollections from Vietnam…)


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