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02/12 Morning Report

I’m going to do something different this morning. I am going to rant about the media. In case anyone is wondering, the media does not like bloggers. There have been numerous stories about how bloggers have caught the media in total falsification of fact, and the media merely responds with claims that, one way or another, put bloggers down and make sure people know they are not “real journalists.” Everybody with me so far?

Well, last week, the Ft. Worth Star Telegram ran a story about bloggers. Specifically, it ran a story about people who get so wrapped up in blogging that they leave out other parts of their lives. The article makes it seem like the worst of drug addictions. Read the headline, and then think about it for aminute…

Confessions of a failed mommyblogger

Now…what does it say to you? Well, it does not let you know what the article says.

First, the article spends a lot of time focusing on what went wrong in this woman’s life. Did she let everything else go just to blog? Yes. Did she recognize that what she did was wrong? Yes. Did she break free of the addiction? Yes. Would you know that from the headline? No.

The article labeled her a failure—in big bold print. But, this woman is a great success. She caught on to what so many of us are oblivious to. Sure…blogging is all about getting audience. Hey…we wouldn’t write if we didn’t crave having someone…anyone…read what we write and accept what we have to say. Some of us do it out of anger, others out of boredom. But, it’s all about the audience.

I probably spent the first three months here trying to find ways people could be brought around to read my various thoughts. I was, and still am, amazed at all the tools and programs and websites that are all about generating traffic and readers for your blog. I even signed up for a couple of them, just to see what they would do. It’s stunning the effect they can have!

I’m kind of like the woman in the article. I figured out the rat race of blogging isn’t really worth it. It takes the fun out of it. There are plenty of ways to enjoy blogging without cutting off your family and friends.

Let me tell you…if getting the audience means that much to you…get help. This woman did, and got her life back. But…back where we started…the media didn’t let anyone know it—up front. They refused to give honor where it was due. I’ve lost the original text to a quote I found on Blackfive’s site some months ago. For our purposes, the important part goes

Fear the media, for they can steal your honor

It’s well worth remembering when you read their stuff. They do not give real honor…merely lip service more often than not.

(…if you’ve got the original text and quote–I seem to recal it was a crew chief in Vietnam who said it–pass on the text in the comments…please…)


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