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01/15 Morning Report

Two Sadaam aids were hung today in Baghdad. His half-brother even had his head come off.
(…I have to admit I like the idea of speedy justice once a sentence has been handed down…)

IN a related gruesome report, it seems that several children in various countries including the US died while trying to re-enact Sadaam’s hanging.
(…boy, if that’s not an incentive to limit gross and pornographic material on the internet…I don’t know what is…)

In another example of tolerance of Islam, journalists were fined for publishing jokes involving religion, sex and politics. The newspaper was shut down for two months, as well. Jihad Watch had this write up, with the original article, a few days ago.
(…any one think Western media will wake up to this threat before…well, you know…)

In Russia, there are tough new laws limiting job opportunities for immigrants.

Police raid the country’s markets on a daily basis, enforcing quotas on the number of foreign workers – mainly from central Asia and the Caucasus.

Can’t you just hear the hew and cry if that was attempted here? Of course, it sort of was back in the days of Herbert Hoover, and agin during the Eisenhower administration. In case you missed it, Here is a post on that historical fact.

Meanwhile, in another Russia update, over 500 Chechnyan rebels have surrendered as part of the amnesty deal that expired at midnight.
(…nice to see some measure of success in that area…)

Would you believe a Chinese ban on motorcycles? It’s true. Too many purses are being stolen by their riders in the most prosperous city in China. So, officials banned motor bikes.
(…hhhmmmm…”we can’t control what owners do with them, so we’ll ban them”…sounds like a second cousin to the anti-gun lobby here in the States…)


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