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01/14 Morning Report

Is it any surprise that the ”Iranian diplomats have been arming insurgents? Of course, Syria and Iran say claims they support insurgents are false.
(…perhaps they would like to explain how so many are allowed to get to Iraq through their borders…with their money…and their weapons…)

The Red Cross and the Red Crescent have been under one banner. Now, Israeli relief forces are part of the fold. Islam continues to expand it’s influence and control, but no one seems to recognize it. Even Israel is giving it ground—subtle though it may be.
(…remember, Islam never gives it only takes…and what it loses it is obligated to regain by any means…take a historical look…it’s not pretty…)

Meanwhile, the Germans are trying to integrate Muslims. I applaud the idea—even the heartfelt desire to be inclusive and tolerant. But, once again, historically, wherever Islam is allowed to gain influence or control, even when it is highly secularized, it forces all others to become subservient to it.

The source of this report was a surprise. The news was encouraging. Egypt arrested an al-Jezeera reporter for fabricating torture videos. Apparently, al-Jezeera turned the reporter in.

Al-Jazeera said the tapes showed a “documentary reconstruction” by actors.

Meanwhile, the media and it’s “sources” are taking the leftist line:

Human rights groups say it is not unusual for suspects to be tortured in Egyptian police stations.

In his weekly address, President Bush hit back at his critics.

Mr Bush said members of Congress had a right to their views, but to oppose everything and propose nothing was irresponsible.

Commenting on Rice’s visit to the Middle East, it’s noted that Arab leaders want the US to do more against Israel in exchange for support. I think it needs to be the other way around. It’s time for Islam to reign in the terrorists in exchange for US support.

And, in the continuing boondoggle in North Carolina, the state is taking over the Duke Lacrosse rape case. Despite the testimony of witnesses—even the victim—that refutes all charges, there will continue to be criminal investigations. The former prosecutor has bailed on the case after all the scandals hit him. But, the State Attorney General is taking the case.
(…what a continuing waste of money, effort, and media attention…)


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