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01/09 Morning Report

So…you think the Democrats really want Democracy? You should probably go back and check the history on the new Democratic leadership and their origins. You will probably be surprised.

So, comparatively speaking, who are the traditional Liberals? Well, if you look historically, modern Republicans are. Looking back at the American War of Independence, you would find that it was begun through the efforts of the conservatives of the day—the Democrats of their day. My how things have changed!

On that subject, I would like to make a couple of observations. First, real Democracy is antithetical to both Islam and Communism. By extension, that would mean that Communism and Islam are somewhat mutually supportive, and even similar—hence the somewhat consistent relationship the two have had over the years in various nations.

I have one rather frightening prediction I would like to make. At some point in the next two to four years—depending on how Bush policies play out in the remainder of his administration—in protest of the situation in Iraq and Israel, many left wing high profile names will declare themselves to be Muslim. For those who think it will be just the Hollywood crowd, I suggest you broaden your horizon. It will be politicians, celebrities, business people and more. If the Democrats win the White House in 2008, I would expect it to become the political “in thing.”

Making these declarations will begin as a statement of solidarity for these suffering “oppressed peoples”—Iraqi, Palestinian, Venezuelans—anywhere Hezbollah, Hamas, etc. have active offices. This solidarity will have no relationship to the reality of the oppression Islam places on other people groups. That solidarity will also have no relationship to the intolerance of Islam for other beliefs. In short, it will have no relationship to reality.

What many of these left wing do not understand that recanting faith in Islam is an invitation to violence. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


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