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01/02 Morning Report

Farewell Mr. President

Today, I will write little. There will not be a great news review of the important, or the odd. Today, I am simply going to remember a great man who is no longer with us. Yes, I am referring to President Gerald R. Ford.

I spent the morning watching the proceedings. Having heard everything said, I think it is safe to say that Gerald Ford was probably the only person who did not seek out the Presidency for his own means—and didn’t try to hang on to it for that reason either. There are not many I would ascribe the title “Statesman” to—but I think President Ford is definitely one of them. President Ford was the personable and real person we needed in a dark day of American history.

It has been both awesome, surprising, and hurtful. I am surprised by how much I was oblivious to that was going on in our nation during his years in the White House. I was equally amazed by how much had gone on before he arrived in the White House.

As in all passings, it hurts my heart. This is true of fallen soldiers, family, and even neighbors pets. I am equally likely to cry for all of them. I think my heart hurts more for what America has lost since President Ford was in office. We have given up integrity for agenda. We have given up values for selfish gain. And, what we have given up was not worth what we received in return.

What I have learned through all the proceedings and speeches over the last few days was awesome. Most warriors I’ve known run to the battle when it starts. General George Patton once supposedly said, “A soldier should die from the last bullet fired in the last battle.” By extension, that would mean warriors are always in the battle. I would argue that true warriors recognize which battles to fight and which to walk away from. President Ford really was a warrior. He fought the fight in time of war. He re-entered battle in politics. And, while I doubt he ever stopped wanting to run to the sound of battle, when his presidency was over, he walked away having fought the good fight. That is a legacy and lesson I hope to one day teach my children. I am thankful for an example to point them to.

So, at our house, we say, “Farewell, Mr. President. Thank you, for everything.”


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