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12/22 Morning Report

How’s this for aggressive law enforcement? The crackdown on drunk drivers is the most successful, in terms of results, in the entire country.

While police say the four-year-old crackdown has yielded a dramatic drop in deadly car accidents, bars and restaurants complain it is hurting business and putting a damper on Fresno’s nightlife. And defense attorneys and civil liberties advocates warn that the city of 461,000 has gone too far.

Figures, doesn’t it? Seems like every time the police start to do their job, someone complains, the civil rights groups start suing—all because business is suffering.
(…kind of takes the ho-ho-ho out of the season…doesn’t it?…sure wish we could do that with terrorist and other criminals…)

In another move to limit law enforcement efforts, a Texas Democrat wants to limit use of stun guns to ”deadly force situations only”. The point of using stun guns—the Taser—is to avoid being in a deadly force only situation. While I admit there are problems with the devices, and some have died as a result of their use, statistically that those event are not out of the normal range.

Bush made it official yesterday: No aid to Hamas until they give up their violent agenda—specifically against Israel.

The United States, the European Union and others regard Hamas as a terrorist group and have already cut off direct aid to the government. Hamas rose to power in parliament after defeating the Fatah party in January…The United States and others have demanded Hamas agree to past Israeli-Palestinian accords, renounce violence and recognize Israel before ending the boycott.

Will anyone be surprised by the anti-American sentiment this will draw? Will it matter that it is the US AND the EU AND other nations? Probably not.
(…remember?…everything is Bush’s fault…)

Did anyone catch the latest on Illegal immigration crackdowns? It’s not just businesses complaining about the law being upheld anymore. Hispanic groups have reached a new high…uummm…level. The latest outcry is for a moratorium on workplace raids

U.S. Hispanic groups and activists on Thursday called for a moratorium on workplace raids to round up illegal immigrants, saying they were reminiscent of Nazi crackdowns on Jews in the 1930s.

Talk about SPIN! This has enough rotation to maintain a stable orbit. Since when is finding and arresting ILLEGAL immigrants—who broke the laws of at least two nations–the same as terrorizing LEGAL citizens who have broken no law?

Finally, it is with regret that I pass on this report from the Dallas Morning News:

A Texas soldier from Fort Hood has died in Iraq, the Defense Department said Wednesday. Staff Sgt. Brian L. Mintzlaff, 34, of Fort Worth, died Monday in Taji from injuries suffered when his Bradley Fighting Vehicle rolled over.

We at our house remember your cry—the cry of all fallen warriors:

“Tell them of us and say,
For their tomorrow, we gave our today.”
(–The Kohima Epitaph–)

We remember what you have given, SSgt Mintzlaff. And we say thank you for the tomorrows you have given others. May God give back to your family more than they have sacrificed and lost.

And, now, we dance In Memoriam.


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