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12/20 Morning Report

Yesterday, the US said it was conceding nothing on N. Korean finance issues. The North Koreans want their assets unfrozen before they will talk about nuclear issues.

U.S. officials said the bank, now in receivership, failed to exercise “due diligence” by handling accounts linked to Pyongyang’s drug trafficking, money-laundering and U.S. dollar counterfeiting activities.

North Korea cited the U.S.-led financial crackdown as a reason for its year-long boycott of six-country negotiations aimed at persuading the communist state to give up its nuclear weapons programs.

Typical dictator/terrorist negotiating tactics. Give me what I want, then I’ll talk about what you want. Then, today, the US announced possible forward progress in the nuclear talks—without giving ground on the financial issues.
(…given the liberal/Democratic declarations that we should treat Islamic terrorist groups that way…is it any wonder Kim Il Jong thinks he can get away with his current tactics…if he can hold out for two more years and the Dems get the White House…it just might work…)

A truce between Hamas and Fatah? Could be. Even PM Haniya, of Hamas, has suggested a long term truce with Israel—and separate states. The violence escalated after rumors of Abbas’ call for new elections began circulating. The violence exploded when the rumor became true on Saturday. Yet, despite the rumor of a truce, Hamas announced it will boycott early elections.
(…some truce. They are still refusing to get along…)

Shiite militia leader Moktada al-Sadr may back a proposed coalition. The report also includes rumors that the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani may also be giving this his blessing.

In related news, maybe it’s just conservatives hanging together, but even Tony Blair says Middle Eastern nations need to reign in Iran. The recognized terror funding nation has been stirring trouble behind the scenes for years. Tony Blair has raised his voice to say the other nations in the region must take a stand in order to bring it to a halt. In a piece of good news, though, US captured al-Qaeda leader. Now, if the Iraqi factions can chose to put aside their factional differences, and the violence behind them, maybe…Meanwhile, the third Iraqi province has been given over to Iraqi forces to secure and control. The handover ceremony for security of Najaf Province is one more sign of progress in the War in Iraq. For a longer list, go back and read this one from the Tanker Brothers. Or even this one from Chickenhawk.
(…but…will the liberals and the media see it for what it is…)

Meanwhile, on the subject of our troops in Iraq, it is the Christmas season. For some reason, I haven’t been feeling all that “Christmasee” this year. So, in a moment of…well…just go see this at Blackfive. It is both amusing and heartwarming.


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