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Interesting Sidelights

Jules provides the highlights for the Taliban Code. You can find more information, and the whole Layeha (book of rules) for the Mujahideen, at Sign and Sight.
(…talk about two different sets of rules as you go along…)

Boy! Have our definitions changed over time. Check out what it means to to be a gentleman over at Blackfive. For starters,

A gentleman is defined, as noted in Blackstone’s commentaries, as “one qui arma gerit.” That is, “one who bears arms.”

Check out the rest of it.

I’m still catching up on things from my Thanksgiving break (…yeah, I know, a week is quite a while…but I started class and…oh never mind…) so I just caught up with these thoughts from The Ornery American. Orson Scott Card isn’t pulling any punches.

The Mesopotamian has weighed in on the commission recommended course of letting Iran and Syria work things out in Iraq.

On the lighter side of things, Op-For linked up this wonderful video.
(…who knew Marines could do this…)


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