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Assorted News And Amusements

To start the newsday, I offer some humor. If you haven’t done it, do a google search for “French military victories”. Follow the link under “did you mean…” It’s hysterical!

And now, for the news…

Israel calls off air strike to protect civilians. Think the news media will applaud them for it? WRONG! Instead, they crow about how the terrorists are going to use it as a method to avoid strikes.

In the past Gaza occupants have promptly evacuated their homes after receiving an Israeli bomb warning, and air strikes have often followed within the hour. But after the protest at Jabalya, militant leaders broadcast calls urging Gazans to resist future Israeli bomb threats in similar fashion.

Great. There was also this from the BBC which reminds

Two weeks ago, Palestinian women went to a mosque in the nearby town of Beit Hanoun in response to a request from Hamas commanders. Up to 15 Palestinian militants were hiding inside the mosque and a tense stand-off had developed between them and the Israeli forces surrounding the building. The Israeli army said the crowd of women acted as “human shields”. The men were able mingle with them and escape, despite two of the women being killed when Israeli troops opened fire on the group

As usual, terrorists grow in their ability to take advantage of those who value human life. I shudder to think what this may mean for US, NATO and Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the Sudan, Government army and army backed militias are terrorizing civilians. Some estimates say it’s worse than 2003 when the fighting began. The government and one rebel group have “agreed to a peacekeeper force. But;

But analysts were more skeptical. “Not very much has been actually agreed as yet — all the key questions in terms of forces, mandate and participation of U.N. troops remain unclear,” said Dave Mozersky of the think tank International Crisis Group. “It doesn’t sound like the major breakthrough everyone was hoping for.”

And, to no one’s great surprise, Islamists don’t like the new Pakistani rape law. Imagine! Under the new law, you would need four witnesses to prove rape. (…you only need the husband’s word to prove adultery…) And this “change” was sparked by the 2002 order to gang rape a woman for the sexual indiscretions of her 13-year old brother.
(…In a society that blames women for everything men do wrong, why would anyone think this was extreme? Hhhmmmm…)

Meanwhile, President Bush is trying to get the Chinese to open their doors to consumer product imports. Reuters reports

Bush is under pressure from American manufacturers to increase exports to China. The United States’ year-to-date trade deficit with China reached $166.3 billion in September and was likely to easily outrun last year’s record of $202 billion.

I think the scariest statement I read was:

Bush applauded Hu for trying to move China’s economy toward a “nation of consumers and not savers, which will inure to the benefit of our manufacturers, both large and small, and our farmers as well.”

No wonder we can’t increase the savings rate in our own country! The way to prosper is to increase debt!
(…this from a conservative?…I don’t think so…)

I know we Americans complain about extravagant and useless spending by our politicians. But, what about this AP report of an erotic theme park in Peru. The public got a windfall from mineral profits. So, the mayor…well…went wild. The people don’t thinks its all that strange for politicians to do things of this nature. So, what’s the big concern? More radical elements may move in to take power.

I enjoyed this breakdown on the left’s “embracing of Murtha”. It dove tails nicely with this report from the NYT. bAsically
Don’t expect a lot of campaign finance reform from the Democrats any time soon—if at all.

Now, there is the issue of stem cell research. Conservatives have taken a beating on this issue. Liberals are screaming that embryonic stem cells are the way to cure all kinds of terrible diseases. Right? After all, stem cells have been used to create cures for some pretty bad things. But, let’s remember to ask the question: Is it ADULT stem cell research, or EMBRYONIC, that has been creating the cures? An important thing to remember is that, to date, embryonic stem cells have produced no cures.

Some one has asked the question: What if Architects had to work like web designers? Of course, this begs the question: What if it was politicians? Oh…wait…we already do that…It’s called opinion polls.
(…it’s a cross post from somewhere else…but it’s worth the read for a the giggles…)

What happens when criminals in Mexico get convicted? They hold lawyers hostage!


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