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From The World Of Lacrosse

Last year, Gary Gait was inducted to the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame. This year, he was inducted to the Syracuse Hall of Fame. All I have to say is it’s more than well deserved.

And, would you like a little insight on how Lacrosse players think? Check out how they celebrate Halloween. If nothing else, these guys are creative!

Training Camps open up this week for the NLL. Check through the news, too. There has been a slough of signings to finalize rosters.

The MLL decided players can compete in the World Indoor Lacrosse Championship, even though the games conflict with the MLL season start.

Nenad Gajic will be with the Mammoth this season! Having given up on hockey, the free agent has decided to get back to Lacrosse. He’ll even make it for training camp!

And, according to the Seattle media an NLL franchise may be in the works!


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