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A Powerful Essay For Our Times

There was a great article written by Dr. Vernon Chong, Major General, USAF, Retired, back in 2005. It addresses the situation with Islam, and points no fingers at either the Democrats or Republicans. I was excited to hear someone else say this whole thing is not about your personal or party politics. As long as we stay focused on that, I believe the radical elements of Islam will win the ideological was going on in the world today. Anyway, You can find the entire article HERE. It is well worth the read.

So, what really is more important to you–oyur politics, or your future?

For those who still wonder, YES, I really do believe radical Islam is a serious threat to our future as a free nation. Appeasement and other niceties will only encourage the tyranny of these groups.


One Response to “A Powerful Essay For Our Times”

  1. If what’s referred to in the essay is 100% true, then I can say that Britain is currently in an even worse situation than France.
    Our liberal laws pave the way for the tiniest of Islamic/Catholic contrasts to develop into top media lightspots.
    For example, the most recent of these friction spots has been the issue over Muslim women wearing a veil.
    We, the public need to stress upon our dissatisfaction with the overly-exploited political correctness that’s soaring in Britain and the first step towards this is people realizing just how major this problem is.
    For now, most individuals are nowhere near taking this first leap towards standing-up to this religious take-over.

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