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Archive for September 2006

The Ice Men Are Coming!!!!!

September 30, 2006

It’s HOCKEY season again! (Oh, thank God…the withdrawls are over…no more shakes and flashbacks…just the rabid foam coming from the corner of my mouth I have to worry about.) I’m not going to go over the whole league, just a few teams whose off-season moves I took a look at. I glanced at all of […]

SFC Paul R. Smith–Someone You Should Know About

September 28, 2006

KUDOS to MSNBC for putting out a series on the heroes in our military in 60 second vingettes. The first one, about SFC Paul Ray Smith, recipient of the Medal Of Honor, has been cross loaded to YouTube. Check it out. There are a lot of amazing details about the engagement that cost SFC Smith […]

Perspective Is Everything!

September 26, 2006

I think this is the greatest description of Islamic reactions to criticism I’ve heard yet. I got it from HERE. “Talk about being able to dish it out, but not be the least able to take it… when it comes to disputation of theological issues, the Religion of Peace has the greatest glass jaw of […]

What Is Worship?

September 25, 2006

In a nutshell, worship is drawing close to God. But, in the Bible, Psalm 18:11-13 tells us that His throne–that is, His Presence–is surrounded by storms and darkness. And, I’ve been wondering about that for several years. What is it about God and His throne that He is surrounded by dark clouds, rain, lightning and […]

The Wonder of Nietzshe?

September 21, 2006

Personally, I find Nietzsche disturbing. I found a quote that sums up what disturbs me about him. Nietzsche did some really focused study and application of the Greek philosphers and mythology. Speaking of the Dionysian spirit (which he felt was the most desirable thing), he says, “It is an ecstatic affirmation of the totality of […]

Religion And Family

September 18, 2006

Having had a running discussion about my “religion” when I first posted (see this, and the comments,) I thought I would share a little more about me at this juncture. Specifically, I thought I going to go over my religious background. I am a Christian, but I was not raised in church. We didn’t attend […]

Kid Stories

September 16, 2006

This is for those of us who have experienced the child (or teenager as the case may be) who ducks around the corner in front of you. They are trying to appear as if everything is normal. And your immediate reaction is to wonder if the bathroom is flooded. These are true events. Reminders that, […]

About Iraq

September 14, 2006

I think the debate on the war in Iraq is way off base. Why we went is not the issue about why we remain. For the record, I do not like war. I do not believe war is some glorious escapade, to be anticipated or enjoyed. War is ugly. It is destructive. Innocent people get […]

Islam…Or Not Islam? Part 2

September 12, 2006

For those who wondered about my post last week Islam…Or Not Islam? and it’s spread among the disenfranchised and angry culture groups of America. Well, here is a news report from September 9 from Hot Air of the set-up and spread of Hezbollah in Venezula. Yep. You heard right. There are major operations of a […]

Where Were You

September 11, 2006

Everyone is asking each other these days, “Where were you? Do you remember?” AS if we could ever forget…. I was driving into work. I remember it was the day of the week I usually spent the morning in quiet prayer. I wish I could say I was doing some super spiritual thing–praying protection for […]