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And, Now, For Something Completely Different

This was an old writing exercise. I found a copy cleaning my desk, and thought I would share it. This is what happens when you just write from the top of your head, without editing. Enjoy!

The red door leads to the green room. The green room has three doors; the blue, the white and the red. The red door elads to the black room. But, you will need to get the light from the yellow room to find your way out of the black room.
The yellow room can be found by going through the blue door in the green room, which leads to the purple room. The purple room has three doors–the yellow, the purple, and the orange. The orange door leads to the yellow room. The yellow room has a wonderful, beautiful light in the middle of it.
To get out of the yellow room, you have to leave through the white door. This takes you into the brown room. The brown room has three doors–two white and one blue. You must leave the brown room through the other white door, which leads to the blue room. The blue room takes you back the green room, and the red door that leads you into the black room. You know…The one you needed the light from the yellow room to find your way out of?

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