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Archive for August 2006

Islam…Or Not Islam?

August 30, 2006

There was a report recently that Canada had begun looking at setting up a SHARIA court. The two FOX journalists were released, after converting to Islam. And, Islam has been the fastest growing religion in America for several years now. Those are some very interesting, and scary facts. I did some studying of Islam over […]

Me, On Stories, Books and Movies

August 27, 2006

Bet you thought this was going to be a review or something. Right? NOT! Just some thoughts on what a good story is. This is another one of those write-don’t-edit thiings. So, I don’t guarantee a straight line of thought, either. I love stories and movies that stir the imagination. Being a writer, I’m a […]

What Kind of Reward Is This?

August 24, 2006

(My thanks to Marty Horn at Any Soldier for forwarding the text to post here.) Can you imagine this… a young soldier… (and a purple heart recipient) is called upon to serve his country.. twice… leaving behind a young wife and his children. While in Iraq, he hears of abuse allegations and he expresses his […]

And, Now, For Something Completely Different

August 23, 2006

This was an old writing exercise. I found a copy cleaning my desk, and thought I would share it. This is what happens when you just write from the top of your head, without editing. Enjoy! THE COLORED DOORSThe red door leads to the green room. The green room has three doors; the blue, the […]

What’s In A Name?

August 22, 2006

Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” He is, at best, partially right, and, at worst, totally wrong. Mention Al Anbar Province to a US Marine, and you will get an entirely different reaction than if you mention it to an Iraqi national. Mention Cacun to a vacationer, and you […]

About Me

August 21, 2006

Well, for a first post–and probably a few later ones–I thought I should introduce myself. Coach seems to be a name that fits me well– simply because that’s what I do. I help people get better at what they do–assuming I have any idea of what that is and some knowledge that can help them. […]